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Haizhu Hotel Guangzhou is your sensory experience of splendid Haizhu culture. Haizhu District, formerly known as 'Jiangnan Island', has beautiful scenery and pleasant climate. The 47-kilometer round-the-river river bank line, 74 crisscross river networks, and 10,000 acres of open orchards make this green island area a natural oxygen bar.

I stepped out of the hotel and the morning breeze blew across the sea. We walked on the Haizhu Bridge, which was built in 1933 and has a total length of 356.67 meters. In the warm afternoon sun, the hotel is filled with romance in the happy atmosphere of the famous wedding street. The subway branch line connecting the city center connects Haizhu Hotel with the fascinating scenery for you to pass.

At the beginning of the Huahua lanterns, the Haizhu Hotel, which borders the beautiful Pearl River, exudes a charming fragrance at night. Gently turning the hotel's elite guest room doors, the modern and simple design style with sleek, smooth lines comes into view. The guest room layout is spacious and clear, and the rest and work space are clearly distinguished. The photos of the old Guangzhou culture are hung on the wall, bringing the charm of Guangdong Presenting you, the experience of the modern massage shower room is waiting for you to wash away the tiredness of the day. In the night, the beautiful sleep is blended in the soft and comfortable pillows and covers, which will reflect on Haizhu Hotel's warm, thoughtful, professional service and its simple and elegant resting environment, which will always make you feel like home. The traffic in the morning light is full of traffic, and the lights in the night are bright. Haizhu Hotel Guangzhou will show you the charm of the city.

The hotel opened in 1969, with 10 floors and 115 guest rooms (sets). After being renovated in 2014, it is equipped with security door locks, heating and cooling air conditioning, electronic safes and broadband Internet ports, WIFI and other facilities. The environment is elegant, warm and comfortable. The first and second floors of the hotel are shops for wedding dresses and wedding items. Guests who are close to Guangzhou city and as far as overseas Southeast Asia are here to buy. The hotel has meeting rooms, parking and other services, which is a good place for business and leisure, tourism and shopping. It is just across the river from Haizhu Square and Beijing Road Pedestrian Street. It is close to the Airport Express Line Line 5 Binbin Square Station. It is only a three-minute walk from the hotel to Metro Line 2 City Ergong Station Exit D. It can be reached by subway Station, East Railway Station, Guangzhou South Railway Station, Airport, Pazhou Exhibition Center, etc., the transportation is very convenient.
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  • ABC640902
    Which is very nice.
  • angel0820
    Hotel location is very good, customer service at the front desk service was very good, rooms clean and tidy. transportation is convenient, customer good will choose this hotel next time.
  • Max_fang
    Yes, air conditioning water, someone will be out to fix
  • fyjoyce
    Hotel is well located, close to the Metro, the transportation is very convenient. around eating, shopping is very convenient ... hotel facilities, rooms are clean and new equipment, warm service. hotel accommodation with free parking and security do a good job. it is worth staying at!
  • jing0205
    It's not bad
  • janlu
    Rooms are clean, air-conditioned full bathroom hot water well service answered my many questions also very intimate, especially the front desk really good next to Guangzhou haizhu hotel
  • andy2011feiren
    Good service, clean facilities
  • leleabin
    Overall stay feeling good ...
  • e01454228
    General hotel facilities, is near Metro, convenient
  • benny/
    Nice, near the waterfront, lots of food
  • Sunyi790821
    Good location, next to supper, walked to the haizhu bridge in Riverview.
  • DecSummer
    Deluxe single room without a box of tissues, even the disposable supplies are missing one or two,
  • androw_wei
    Space is too small.
  • fgycpa
    Examination need to be staying in the hotel, from the test site (Canton South School of light industry) should be recent school. it is easy to find, great customer service, very intimate ... clean, bed comfortable, good!
  • stop88
    Nice environment-?
  • ruby_yun
    The room was old and smelt funny. I would not recommend to stay there but for business purpose and no more than one night. The rooms are cheap though so i wasn't expecting much. And beware 178rmb or 208rmb are the same rooms I don't know why the price is different.
  • tommyjin
    Clean the room very nice and polite staff, good location, wedding street in close proximity, around a little room was a bit small, but for one night without too much of a problem, price should be a little cheaper, WiFi is very weak
  • Bad Boy
    Pretty good service. satisfied
  • clavinjones
    Environment can also
  • e02202742
    Good service, nice and clean
  • limu100
    Good location, environment, WINS in a 2 star hotel, not a chain.
  • fengling2008
    Good location
  • jaimeliu
    Cheap, convenient transportation.
  • Betta
    Old bathroom facilities, good in General
  • wingfly1122
    Hotels in Nice
  • Jenneyyan
    Convenient and inexpensive.
  • donaldtrade
    Help families book it! will specify that you want to marry they come back! they said this clean!
  • e01640694
    The environment is good
  • yuleimorris
    Hotel is well located, convenient, quiet, the room was clean, decorated and cozy than comparable hotels, great. hotel rooms are very clean, decorated very warm, bed very comfortable, necessary, staff were very friendly, will stay again.
  • E00148100
    Ambient air is good, just a little historic hotel
  • linbaby1126
    Overall good
  • wenglw
    Tour Book of the Pearl River for the convenience of parents, poor environment, room close to the street is very noisy, the parents did not rest well ... Rarely come out to play the guilt is killing me
  • e02054074
    Breakfast is next to bread the bread and milk around stunned the room was good with BBQ
  • e02814476
    Really good hotel. less cash back, but gave me back up ... really good.
  • maomao27
    No problem at all, picking a penny!
  • sunlife2009
    Also, prices are little changed! next to hotel day's price range is different, so not to bad
  • d02895103
    Room was too old at night is no place to buy things, curtains are old and for older people,
  • e00095966
    At the haizhu bridge's feet, hidden inside the wedding street. promotional room fine, linen quilts to be clean, is the room once in a while there is a smell of plastic. places to eat around quite a lot, location was OK.
  • e02736616
    Forgot to take pictures, but it really sucks. small room window on streets and overpasses, quarreling all the night; the room was dirty, there are cockroaches, don't know how long I haven't change the quilt, a colleague to come back today in urticaria; an old shower in the bath, no shower. advise you not very short of money to spend.
  • maire
    Location easy find, on in haizhu bridge feet, but distance Metro station has 15 minutes away, can sat to haizhu square station, out station had Flyover, or to city two Palace Station line wedding street. near no convenience shop and the catering, to to city two Palace Metro station is. hotel service also can, WiFi signal weak, to front desk make 100 Yuan deposit can borrowed router, cable bad has, immediately arrangements electrical removing maintenance, good. this live of is 5 floor old decoration, heard only 4 floor and 8 floor is newRepair-
  • e00218755
    Newly renovated Qing Wang Yes, service is not very good, do not differ
    Room very shabby, facilities in poor condition with pictures presented are not the same thing. bathroom small, poor, shut the door sideways. no mineral water in the room, combs did not. WiFi work well. better is convenient. overall cost performance is not high, not worth the price.
  • seniwen
    Also has
  • e00093630
    Often friends, guest! I myself lived, the only downside is the reception poor tone
  • guangjun235
    I don't know why there is no cash back, I feel cheated
  • moi0023
    OK, a bit old
  • Elsaww
    Comfort big rooms clean and comfortable
  • faccount
    This hotel is in the wedding street, taxi is hard to beat, no signal in the room, and has a very unpleasant smell, no finish left. toiletries can say is, you can't use, very cheap
  • nofail
    The hotel is located in the Jiangnan road, haizhu, Pearl River, close to a metro station, convenient, nearby restaurants, eating convenience; the hotel's health is good, service is excellent, but old rooms facilities. as decoration will be even better!
  • luxurylove
    Facilities of hotel rooms is too simple, even a hair dryer are not, even more outrageous is no comb